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Financial Assistance Policy Transparency

With support of OAHHS, HB 4020 (2018) established new state requirements for Oregon hospitals on how they communicate financial assistance policies to consumers. The policy aligns with the OAHHS Legislative Policy Council adopted recommendations which were grounded in aligning current requirements under IRS Section 501(r) standards and modeling after policy work led by the Washington State Hospital Association.

Adequate Notification

All Oregon hospitals will be required to comply with the following by Jan. 1, 2019. Oregon hospitals must have a written financial assistance policy that complies with the following plain language standards:
  • Uses words that convey meanings clearly and directly;
  • Uses the present tense and active voice whenever possible;
  • Primarily uses simple sentences;
  • Only defines words that cannot be properly explained or qualified in text;
  • Uses margins adequate for ease in reading; and,
  • Uses frequent section headings, in a narrative format. Provide a paper copy of the financial assistance policy to a patient upon request
Include on each billing statement notice of the:
  • Availability of financial assistance;
  • Contact information for the office or department of the hospital that can provide information about obtaining financial assistance;
  • Direct Internet address for the financial assistance policy
Maintain public displays in locations that are accessible to the public that notify and inform patients about the financial assistance policy. Locations that are accessible include, but are not limited to, emergency departments and areas were patient admissions are processed.


Uniform Application

OAHHS was tasked by the Legislature to create a uniform application for financial assistance that may be used in any hospital for a patient to request financial assistance. The application that is developed (pending) is required to be completed by Jan. 1, 2020.