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State Issues 

The Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems actively monitors legislative and regulatory activities in Salem, and maintains regular contact with members of the Oregon Congressional delegation to ensure that legislative policy serves the needs of Oregon hospitals and patients. With our active advocacy team, OAHHS members have a voice in the state policymaking process. 

Community Benefit

Community benefit is all the health care-related services that Oregon's community hospitals provide, without compensation, to address critical health needs in the community. These services include health services to vulnerable or underserved people; financial or in-kind support for public health programs; health education, screening, and prevention services; medical research; medical education; and more. Oregon's community hospitals provide these benefits through financial assistance, charity care and subsidies for services otherwise not available in the community. 

​For more information on Oregon Hospital Community Benefit, click here. 

Behavioral Health

Oregon Hospitals are frontline providers of behavioral health services and see thousands of mentally ill patients annually. OAHHS is a part of the statewide converstation about mental health reform and continues to advocate for solutions that will provide the highest quality of care to patients. 

​For more information on Behavioral Health, click here.

Financial Assistance

Oregon hospitals all have robust financial assistance policies that are designed to help their patients with hospital bills. These programs are accessible to all who demonstrate need. Hospitals support improving the accessibility and transparency of these important programs.

For more information on Financial Assistance Policy Transparency, click here